Where client was when I met them: Client was in a leadership position at work managing quite a few staff. Client was struggling with increasing pressures at work to ensure staff were performing well and achieving targets. Client lived alone, so work was their haven and they performed highly due to dedicating most of their time to work. However, at the time I met the client they were experiencing heart palpitations, felt physically sick and dreaded going to work.

Effect of their problem: It was evident that the client was experiencing extreme burnout and needed immediate support, they were experiencing sleep deprivation, overeating, anxiety, isolation and felt low in mood.

Where they wanted to be: Client expressed missing their old self, though lived alone, they previously had a balanced social and professional lifestyle. Client wanted to be sociable again, have a healthy lifestyle by eating well and becoming physically active. They also wanted their sleep to improve, worry less and find joy in working and their personal life again.

How and why, they had an intervention with me: Client was referred to me by their GP as they were on the verge of being diagnosed with clinical depression. Client’s GP believed I would be able to explore in detail the challenges that client was experiencing and suggest solution/interventions to enable recovery as I am a qualified mental health practitioner.

What I did as a professional: I invested time in building a rapport with the client, which encouraged them to open up to me. We spent ample time exploring their challenges in detail as well as reflecting on past positive experiences. The client was supported to draw up a change in lifestyle plan which included activities they were willing to undertake. Client then made a decision to take leave from work to attend a knitting retreat as they enjoyed knitting and wanted to go to a remote place where they could spend time with likeminded people. Client was encouraged to explore different meditation styles they find useful to practice daily. I taught the client some sleep hygiene techniques which improved their quality of sleep. We also worked on some techniques to alleviate anxiety such as looking at the worry tree which helps one to focus on addressing issues within their power.

Where is the client now? The client is in a much happier place, has found balance in their work and personal life. Client is socialising again, attends knitting retreats quarterly to ‘recharge their batteries’. They have also been going out for coffee with friends and have found ways to work smarter at work and only works within working hours with no overtime hours. Client has ample time to rest, sleeps well and appears more relaxed while enjoying the very simple things in life.

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